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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Garbage Chutes, Garbage Chute Systems, Trash Chutes, Linen Chutes, Garbage Collection Systems, Segregated Garbage Chutes, Segregated Garbage Chutes Systems, Garbage Chutes For Industrial, Steel Garbage Chutes. Our setup is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Garbage chute also known as Centralized Garbage Collection System provides an efficient and hygienic method of garbage disposal in types of residential and commercial buildings. It can be easily installed in any duct, common lobby, landing, staircase, mid-landing, utility duct, dry balcony and kitchen.

Garbage can be disposed anytime and multiple times a day. Hence no need to accumulate dirty and unhygienic garbage,Garbage from all the floors gets collected at single point.

Made from Stainless Steel. Hence durable, rust free and robust,Auto closing intake doors,Sanitation System to clean the chute from within Disinfectant can be sprayed.

Trash chutes are used in high-rise residential apartment units to transport garbage to a lower level for collection in a container or trash compactor. Our trash chutes meet all NFPA-82 National Standard codes and the intake doors are U.L. approved.

Made in INDIA
"T" handles with cylinder locks on all intake and access doors.
Durable shaft hinges on all bottom hinged doors.
Intakes with drywall and masonry brackets to assure plumb secure doors.
Intake design eliminates the need of fire sprinkler shields.
Bolt together straight sections instead of slip joints.
Spring loaded horizontal rolling discharge doors to assure positive closing.
Corrosion resistant and rust proof aluminum roof flashing and vent.
Use of spiral pipe for superior strength and sound reduction.

Our Trash Chutes Contain:
Intake sections with specified door installed on unit.
Spiraled expansion sections to make up balance of floor height.
Angle iron floor braces to support the chute.
Outlet door equipped with fusible link to close in case of fire.
Full diameter vent to extend four feet above roof level.
Sprinkler and sanitizer flushing head at the top of chute.
Additional sprinkler heads at every other floor.

Options Available:
Handicap lever handles.
Rubber baffles on doors to protect from back draft.
Sanitizer with proportioner valve on top floor to clean chute.
Steel fire stops to close up area around the chute at the floor level.
Key locks with keys non removable when unlocked.
Electric interlocks so only one door can be opened at one time.
Heat and smoke detector to lock doors in case of fire.
Electric discharge door release to close door when signal is received.
We guarantee all our products for one year.